The MV Sharpie is an Island Class Coast Guard vessel used by Sea Shepherd her former name is the Bainbridge Island. She is identical to her sisters MY Farley Mowat and the MY John Paul DeJoria all three being former Island Class Coast Guard Cutters. She is named after Chris Sharp president and CEO of Medtec and co inverter of the sharpie pen. The Sharpie is powered by two CAT diesel engines and can travel at 29 knots with a range of 3,300 nmi. The vessel was commissioned on December 11, 2017 in Miami and departed for Key West for outfitting. Her first campaign will be Operation Migaloo 4.

Hurricane Relief Edit

After Harvey and Irma destroyed their home port Sea Shepherd deployed the Sharpie and the John Paul DeJoria to the Caribbean and the Gulf of Mexico to deliver supplies to those affected by the storms. With the campaign wrapping up Sharpie transited the Panama Canal and headed for the Pacific to meet her sisters.

Operation Migaloo 4 Edit

On the morning of March 7th Sharpie arrived in the Sea of Cortez and met up with her sisters. Right now all three boats are on patrol looking for nets and stopping poachers.

Operation Treasured Islands Edit

Between patrols Sharpie is working with the Mexican Conservation Service to patrol the Sea of Cortez and Revillagigedo International Marine Preserve. Last year Mexico and the US which manage the cross border park banned fishing in the park to protect the wildlife. Lately poachers have been entering the park intent on killing sharks for oil. Sea Shepherd has sent the Sharpie, the Martin Sheen, the White Holly, The Mexican Navy and Fish and Game, and Sharpie's sisters to arrest them and make sure they don't set foot in the park.