The MY Emanuel Bronner is Sea Shepherd's newest vessel built to the same specifications as the Jairo Mora Sandoval.

Launch Edit

The MY Emmanuel Bronner was launched in 2017 in Bremen Germany and will serve as the flagship of Sea Shepherd Germany.

Operation Baltic Edit

The MY Emmanuel Bronner will head out on it's first campaign Operation Baltic in the fall of 2017. The goal of this campaign is to save Harbor Porpoise which is endangered because of the use of gillnets in its hunting grounds. Sea Shepherd Germany will be backed up by Neptune's Navy which is Sea Shepherds fleet of patrol vessels to find and destroy these nets before they harm the environment.To date the Emmanuel Bronner has found sign of illegal fishing in the Denmark Straits and the use of illegal gillnets. Sea Shepherd says Denmark needs to enforce the laws or more poaching will continue and more ghost nets will apear. Sea Shepherd is doing its best to stop this illegal fishing from happening.