The RV Farley Mowat.

The RV Farley Mowat (formerly Sea Shepherd III and Ocean Warrior) was the former flagship of the Sea Shepherd fleet until it was seized by the Canadian government. Sea Shepherd refused to claim the vessel and it was later sold. As of 2015 the vessel is in Canada's breaking yard in Shelburne Nova Scotia being cut up for scrap.


The vessel was a former Norwegian fisheries enforcement ship. It was purchased by Sea Shepherd in 1996 and named Sea Shepherd III. In 1999, it was renamed Ocean Warrior. In 2002 it received its current name RV Farley Mowat. It served on three campaigns to Antarctica to stop the Japanese Whaling Fleet. Its last campaign to Antarctica was Operation Leviathan where it, the Greenpeace vessel Esperanza, and the Oriental Bluebird collided. In 2008 during a campaign to protect seals in the Canadian Arctic The Farley Mowat was seized by Stephen Harper's government and impounded in Halifax Nova Scotia. In 2015 she was towed to the nearby village of Shelburne and cut up for scrap.